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A study by Pew Research Centre found that 20 percent of adult men in the US believed in astrology, compared to 37 percent of women. If you're a straight man with a lot of female friends, you probably tolerate astrology "It's gotten to the point where I'm sharing Virgo memes in the group chat like 'lol, me', but I still don't like it," says Adam from Manchester.

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And if you don't, you likely think it's a load of shit "If you try to bring up that shit with me, I'll think you're a mindless bimbo," Tom, 25, London. There are obviously women and LGBTQ people who feel similarly, but why is this attitude so prevalent among straight men in particular?

"Astrological Bullshit" (And Questions About the Moon)

Is it because astrology is generally seen as a "women's" interest? A couple of the men I spoke to referenced their dads reading daily horoscopes in the tabloids, realising that any of the vague summaries could apply to them and deciding they would never return to astrology. Most admitted being put off because astrology had been so gendered. I can't remember Esquire or Loaded having such pages when I read them many moons ago. His opinion on astrology? Waste of energy.

Astrology: total bullshit, or somewhat scientific?

Waste of chip paper. It's like the lottery for lonely people. Sam feels similarly that astrology has always been gendered, and that the male response to that — to ignore it — makes sense.

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  • I think women are drawn to them out of a sense of curiosity and spirituality that is drummed out of boys at a young age. Unsurprisingly, dating has provided a stage for tension. As women become more hooked on astrology, more straight men are being forced to engage with it. Most of the men I spoke to talked about astrology chat ruining dates, or ex-girlfriends who were "too obsessed" with the cosmos.

    "It stops being an interest and becomes a personality trait: 'I'm an astrology girl.'"

    She met my parents — a meeting I thought went well, until my dad laughed in her face when she asked what his sign was and suggested that cancer signs typically struggled with appreciating music. The family ended up having an "icy" tube journey home, the ex upset that Laurie's dad had given her beliefs so little patience. Both had an explosive argument about astrology that ended in her "consulting some charts for me there and then to see if my decision-making or reasoning was being negatively affected by Mercury or some similar shite", and Laurie breaking up with her via text.

    Adam, 26, from Oxford, was dating a female friend when an initial interest in astrology became a gateway drug to all sorts of New Age stuff, like tarot and palm reading. Would Adam date another Astrology Girl?

    Astrology and science

    If it was a major thing? All of the above has been observed by working astrologers, too.

    Jessica Lanyadoo, who hosts Ghost Of A Podcast , said, "I know lots of cis straight male astrologers, but not as many cis straight male astrology fans. Unless you give a straight man evidence of astrology being real, they're less likely to find it remotely interesting. In other words, Randon thinks men might be more likely to be immediately dismissive, while women might feel something out.

    A large study released this month found that women are more empathetic and men more analytical, and there is some evidence to show that women's brains will stay with a distressing feeling while a male brain will seek a solution.

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    But gendered biology is a highly disputed field: not every man is a builder, and neither is anyone with a womb somehow bound to be more naturally in tune with nature. With or without that purported "natural intuition", women are undoubtedly driving the wider self-help and therapeutic industries. As I wrote in an article on the zodiac :. From the Earth, it looks like the Sun moves around us once per year. The path it takes across the sky is the same year after year, and we call this the ecliptic.

    Zodiacal confusion

    The planets all move across the sky in that same path, too. You know the names of these constellations: Sagittarius, Libra, Scorpius, Aries, Gemini… the constellation of the zodiac, or, if you prefer, the zodiacal constellations. These 12 zodiacal constellations have been recognised in one way or another around the world, though most countries and the International Astronomical Union have adopted a modified version of them known to the ancient Babylonians and Greeks.

    The thing is, there are more than 12 constellations the sun can pass through. Some are smaller, or have fainter stars, so they get ignored. The biggest is Ophiuchus, the serpent-bearer, which is a huge constellation taking up quite a bit of celestial real estate, and in fact the sun spends more time in Ophiuchus than Scorpius. Scorpius has brighter stars and an obvious scorpion-like shape, so it gets better press. Ophiuchus has been around this whole time, but has been ignored by astrologers.

    By some counts, there are as many as Not only that, but Earth wobbles like a top, very slowly, and over centuries that changes the dates the sun is in a given constellation. If you were born in late March in ancient Greece, you would have been an Aries. Finally, why is this suddenly news?

    In with the new

    This is the final irony here. I like this site a lot and refer quite a few parents and teachers to it. So, yeah. Almost exactly the same story bubbled up in You know what also rises?