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Force Calculations. Force is push or pull. To my surprise and horror my readings were just as successful as ever. Skeptics often include palmists on lists of alleged psychics who practice cold reading. Cold reading is the practice that allows readers of all kinds, including palmists, to appear psychic by using high-probability guessing and inferring details based on signals or cues from the other person.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Foretelling the future through the study of the palm. For manual alphabets, see Fingerspelling. For sign-language phonology, see Cherology. For other uses, see Palm Reader disambiguation.

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Please relocate any relevant information into other sections or articles. August Palmistry or HandJive? In Science Confronts the Paranormal. Kendrick Frazier. Prometheus Books. The Psychology of Personnel Selection. Cambridge University Press.

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Wonders of Palmistry pp. According to this theory, palmistry developed in India and then extended across the world.

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Wonders of Palmistry p. The A-Z of Palmistry.

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Retrieved 20 February Mystic Scripts. Scepticism and gullibility: The superstitious and pseudo-scientific beliefs of secondary school students. International Journal of Science Education, 22 11 , Zetetic 1 2 — Finally, the life line, which reflects health and life changes, is the line that runs from in between the thumb and pointer finger to the bottom of the palm. More lines in our hand means more active mind.

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According to the research of Prof. Dayanand Head of the Institute of Palmistry the Mounts on our hand work as magnetic centers which attract electric currents of brain and lines on the palm show the path of those currents. Reading the lines is the reading the hidden capacity of a person. Main Hand line reading in hindi pdf.